Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Curly Spray

For those babies that wake up with a frizz ball, but have the sweetest curls after it has been wet, combed, and tossed a bit...I keep a bottle of this where I dress the babies for a fast fix. :) And their little heads smell so good after too!! Swap up the oils for different smells. xo, Sam


Friday, April 11, 2014

The Babymoon

Oh friends! I survived! She was five weeks old this Wednesday! I would love to paint this beautiful picture of motherhood for you, but it wasn't quite that way. It was real, and hard, and it made me stronger, and it was completely perfect all at once. There were beautiful moments, and I'm so thankful for those, they kept me alive! When my little "Lottie Pop" arrived we were still not in our home. My baby things were in boxes that I couldn't find. Ben was using his time off of work, working constantly to get us back in our house. I was experiencing my worst recovery after any birth so far. Lyric was having a tough time adjusting to sharing her mama with a new baby (which broke my heart). I can't even describe how grateful I felt, only my closest friends and family knew that Lottie's heart was showing signs of distress in the weeks before birth. Ben and I gave it to God, and when my love was born into that room full of waiting professionals, we found that they weren't needed at all!! Her heart was perfect!! And her birth was perfect! I prayed for an easy delivery and that's just what I had. She was the easiest delivery of any of my babies. His grace is such a beautiful thing!!!

Of course my preemie (like all of mine) spent some time on the light bed because of jaundice. Her sisters and brother spent time by her bed waiting for a chance to hold her.

These pictures of them waiting are always some of my favorites. What beautiful little hearts that have!

This guy, my stunt man, broke his foot when Lottie was 6 days old. He is a 10 year old free runner, skateboarder, BMX biker, climber, and he sure can worry his mama!! Even though he was walking on the foot I had a gut feeling that it was broken. Sure enough, it was. The folks at the orthopedic practice now just say when we leave "See ya next time!" Ha! And when we come in they always ask "How many kids do you have this time?" We love them!

This little one started nursing her baby. :)


The night before I had Lottie I woke up, excited and feeling like my time was close, made this bonnet and went back to bed. I'm so glad I did! It made me feel good for this little one to be born with something mama made just for her.

That angel!!


Lottie had a friend born the same day as her! We managed to snap a picture of them together. They are birthday twins!

When Lottie was 2 weeks old we were able to move back home! It took several days to get things to where we could function here, but it was so good to be home!! We still don't have it all unpacked! Ha! But home feels so good! I was ready for views like this!

And this....

When Lottie was 3-4 weeks old I started to feel normal again! Like my life was settling down some. We started to get a routine and the fog started to lift! Lyric's morning breathing treatments....
The diaper train...
This sweet brother (to soooo many sisters!) made a swing for Claire so that she could "fly" in her fairy suit. Now if that doesn't melt a mama heart!!
I'm seriously one of the most blessed mamas on the planet!!

Yesterday I took the time to take pictures of each baby, because when mama is this busy with 4 babies, 3 years old and under, it's easy to get caught up in the work and forget to stop and really SEE it! It's hard to remember to take pictures too. Just that one thing felt like an accomplishment! My Penny Pie, a 16 month old love bug! She is such a loving little girl!


My Lottie Pop! This precious baby is certainly my calm after this little life storm that we've been in. She is such a calm, sweet, patient baby. *love*

My little Lyric Lou Who is now almost 8 months old, and such a happy girl!! Her precious smile can light a whole room! She's such a gift, being her temporary mama has been such a joy!!

This kid!! Oh my Claire Bell! This is a 3 year old ball of sass and attitude with her very own style and personality! Check out those mismatched boots and the side ponytail that she asked for. :)


If I were to describe my days right now it would go something like this....there are moments where I feel like I've got this!! Like I should be wearing a cape even! Super mom! And then the next moment (like the moment after I snapped this picture) someone projectile vomits and chaos is in full force on e again, and mama is humbled. I send up petitions for grace from my Father almost constantly! When asked how we do it Ben always answers with a smile "We have just become good managers of chaos!" Yes we have love. It's a beautiful mess.

I'll be back soon! I'm sorry I'm not around as much these days, I do miss it. I've joined the Instagram crowd! My big kids say it's the "thing" these days. :) Hit me up on there! I'm mama_caffee. xo, Sam


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Our precious Charlotte Renee Caffee! Yes it's a girl! She came gently into the world today at 1:44pm after a fast and easy natural labor, weighing 8lbs &1oz and measuring 20" long. We will call her Lottie for short! She is such an angel!!

I'm already playing with those long, lovely, Lottie locks! Can you believe that hair?!

What a terrific day in the middle of this "life storm" we have been in! I officially made it to 36 weeks and 3 days and oh she was so worth the fight!

My doula, Ben, was pretty terrific himself! He has perfected his skills over all of these natural labors, sweet man. The nurse was even super impressed with him. This was our "We are having a baby today selfie!" Ahhhh! I'm so happy friends! What a beautiful day!! Xo, Sam


Monday, February 10, 2014


Want to hear a crazy story? Buckle up! Alabama had a little ice storm Tuesday (Jan 30) the week before last that SHUT US DOWN. I'm sure you heard something of it on the news, well that was the very night that baby Caffee decided to bust ou eight weeks earlyt! Ben was at the fire station and the roads were completely impassable, and I was home with the kids in labor. There was NO WAY I could get to the hospital. I knew this for a fact because my very pregnant sister was spending the night at the hospital, in our doctors on-call bed, because she was stuck there after her appointment that day. So I waited. By the next morning I was in trouble. Luckily the roads were better and could be driven on in a 4 wheel drive. It was a pretty close call friends! I was 1/2 cm away from what they refer to as "the point of no return". Thank The Lord!! It took them three days to make the preterm labor stop. Well the hospital was also in quite a pickle, they were running out of food because no big trucks could get in or out! Every eating place and grocery store within miles was also out! On the second morning, Thursday, when they sent me powdered eggs I told Ben to just go home and come back with food and snacks!

When Ben got home something wasn't quite right, there was water coming from under the front door. He walked in to see that it was raining in our home. TWO insulated pipes in our attic had burst and flooded our home in every room except the master bedroom. Within an hour a drying company was there with fans and dehumidifiers to save what they could. Not a whole lot could be saved as far as the construction of the house. By the time I got out of the hospital on Friday afternoon it was clear that the place would need to be gutted. From the ceilings to the wood floors 75% of the house is ruined. That night we went "home" to a hotel.

As you can imagine the hotel couldn't last too long with my six rambunctious country kids who are use to getting outside! Ha! We needed a more permanent place that was also closer to home and family. The insurance company said that this will take 4-6 weeks to fix (I think more like 8) so Baby Caffee will likely also be born into this adventure.

Well just as I knew He would, God started working on our behalf! Our home church had a mission house available and offered it to us, no more hotel!!!! Wahooooo! In those first few days I was so confused about what had happened, what we had lost (I'm still not completely sure of that), and still wondering what in the world we would do, but God sent blessings from all sides! We feel so loved!!

The last several days have been a whirlwind. I still can't wrap my head around it all, but now we are mostly moved into the mission house (with internet!), and my kids sure are happy about that. They have a yard to play in again too! I'm back to rocking babies all day, which makes me Happy! God has shown us so much love through family and friends! He is faithful!

I'm praying I carry this baby for three more weeks, but I will check in again before then now that we are settled! xo, Sam



Monday, January 27, 2014


I was going to write a long post today about what's going on here right now, but I can't. The words aren't there yet.

So I'm going to tell you this:

I miss you all desperately! And I miss being here. Baby Caffee is still hanging in there, I'm trying to cook this little one for 5 more weeks (that will get me to 37 weeks). I'm doing bedrest the best I can with these precious littles underfoot and God is pouring out lots of grace!!

My little Lyric will be with us a while longer, we have custody of her until May. She is so sweet and learning and growing fast! She is my first baby to sit up in the first week of her 5th month. Little stinker! She fits in perfectly with these little girls, Penny and Claire adore her and I can tell already these three are going to be a hot mess in a few more months! Claire has taken to the roll of "big sis" perfectly and can boss the life out of them! Ha! My big kids are so much help, I couldn't do it without them.

Homeschool is going really good right now. I've actually added a daily assignment sheet/checklist to our routine (and to my regular homeschool planner workbook) and it is working great for my older kids. It keeps them on task and helps me a lot too. If any of you are interested in seeing that let me know. (My homeschool planner is a free download HERE).

I haven't done anything creative in ages but I plan to start something small this week. We will see about that! I've been looking around on Ravelry for something and I have some nice yarn to use, and plenty of littles to knit for...

God is working on me and stretching me out of my box in ways I never expected. It's messy at times, but at times it's absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't survive without His grace! I'll be back soon! Xo, Sam



Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!


Oh wow. That was one more Christmas. We haven't actually had Christmas yet, so it was just a day really. The mother of all flu bugs hit my house and our extended families on the Monday before Christmas, and we are just now coming out of the fog! We haven't even had a bite of Christmas food yet! Now that I have had the real flu, I can honestly say that I think that's the first time I've ever had the flu in my 34 years! I couldn't even walk for two days! Praise God that Ben only had a touch of it or this place would have certainly fell apart! All 6 kids were taken out and mama got the worst end of it. Bless that man! He ran his own little war hospital out of our living room. There were mattresses and sick children everywhere. He even did laundry!! Y'all, I have never been so glad to be better in my life!!! I'm still struggling with a bad cough and sinus issues, but I don't feel like I may die anymore! The kids have recovered much easier that their big ole pregnant mama. We start making up Christmas get-togethers with family this week now that they are all better too and we are pretty excited! Finally! It's Christmas!! Yesterday we celebrated New Years by getting the house back in order, and that felt AMAZING. This year I pray for HEALTH, happiness, and easy transitions for my family and yours! 2014 holds a lot of big changes for us, and we are READY! xo, Sam


Friday, December 13, 2013

It was a rough one!

We have had a rough week. I've had four sick kids with the meanest virus out there. It was a five to six day fever, with coughing, wheezing, congestion, and all around misery. It involved a regular doctors visit, an after hours visit, two emergency room visits, and a three day stay in the ICU for our tiny Lyric. I'm happy to say that we are now home, and everyone is fever free except for Lyric who should be on her last day of this. I'm so happy to be home with this sweet baby girl. She gave me a pretty big scare! You know it's bad when you walk into the ER and within five minutes there is a doctor, two nurses, and a respiratory therapist that doesn't leave your side for over an hour. This mama is so grateful for all of my babies tonight. I'm praying that they all continue to heal and get better and the next few days are completely UNEVENTFUL!! Please keep us in your prayers, especially Lyric. Thanks so much friends! xo, Sam


Friday, December 6, 2013

One Year

What a difference a year can make! Or maybe not?! Ha! Hey, I did get a pair of skinny jeans! Woot woot! My older children were super pumped about that! I can't believe it has been a year since my Penny Pie was born, and really a lot has changed. She is now walking everywhere, we have a sweet new foster love (Little Lyric Lou Who), and it's a pretty sure thing now that her two brothers will be with us soon too. We have been working on that process for about six months now (they are in another state) and now we are close to the finish line. So last November we had 4 children with 1 on the way, and this November we have 6 with 3 on the way.....and next November? Well we will just have to see what God has for us then! I've learned to never plan or predict! Ha! I'll just be wherever he needs me to be. How has your life changed in the last year? xo, Sam


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Little Girls

(Lyric is a huge fan of the sling :)
We now have five little girls living under our roof, and for a girl like me...that's perfect!! Don't get me wrong, I love my boy with all of my heart, I'm just not disappointed in the ratio of boys and girls. I'm happy. One of my most favorite things about baby girls (which I have three of at the moment) is dressing them! Oh my goodness! I don't think I could ever get tired of it!
Every night before we have to go somewhere I lay out their outfits with all of the pieces so that the big kids can help me dress them. I love mixing leggings that came with one thing with tops or dresses that came with something else. I rarely ever dress them in an outfit that came together.
Then around the age of 2 1/2 - 3 I let them take the lead a little, and that makes it even more fun! To get to see their personality in what they have on is so cute! I remember Maddie once running to the hardware store on a Saturday morning wearing polka dot footie pajamas, a tu-tu skirt, and hot pink rain boots, Ben said that everyone there had a fit over how cute she was. Claire has just started this stage too and the other day told me after she got dressed in this "Now, come take my picture mommy! On the porch!" She posed exactly like this and I snapped the picture, then she demanded "Yet my see mommy!" She was one proud girl when I showed her. Oh these little girls! Ben and Timothy sure do have their hands full! xo, Sam


Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Shiner for the New Walker

This had to be documented while she was asleep because that's the only time she's still enough lately! Our new walker has the markings of a new walker...a pretty nice shiner. Claire keeps asking if she can "wear make-up like Penny Pie". Ha! It may sound crazy but I always try to take pictures of their little goose eggs and purple eyes, it's like a right of passage in that transition from baby to's just so fast. I wish I had done more of that when Molly was little. Remember those days of disposable cameras that never got developed? Ahhh! And now we have a camera on our phone, our tablet, a big camera, and any photos can be shared with just a click of a button. I'm glad it's that easy now that I have so many little ones, but I wish it had been that easy then too. What would it be like to go back there for just one day and see her like this? I'm just going to keep soaking up all that I can! The fun stuff and the boo-boos that can be magically healed by mommy kisses.... xo, Sam